About Asicon Consulting

About Asicon Consulting

About us?

Our network of professionals has vast experience in each of their respective areas of knowledge, so we join together to provide our clients, the best market practices in each department, committing ourselves in offering the highest levels of quality in our services, which cover each of the areas of a company, to become an extension of your one.

No matter what is your need, management or operation, we focus on achieving your strategic and financial goals.


Accompany our clients since the beginning in every process of the business with plans and services according to their needs and requirements, taking control of the commercial, accounting, technical or operational administration.


Be the leaders with exceptional customer service.

Our values

Our DNA is demarcated by 5 values:

  • Commitment: For us, to accomplish your goals is not the limit, but the added value in our services.
  • Ethics: Always do the right thing ... not only with our clients, but their legal and tax commitments.
  • Honesty: We recommend the righ solution according to the needs of our customers, not the most expensive one.
  • Responsibility: The deliverables in time and form are validated on a regular basis and meassured with metrics aligned to our objectives.
  • Trust: We focus on the quality of relationships that are established within a company.