Intrusion and fire alarms

Installation and detection of any alert (intrusion, theft or fire). Our alarm systems are equipped with smart technology, suitable for optimal performance in homes, apartments and offices.

Some characteristics of the services are:

  • Alarms for houses, companies, condominiums, etc.
  • Motion sensors, magnetic contacts, panic button, among others.
  • High voltage electric fences.
  • Manual, button or digital controls.
  • Camera systems and monitoring.
  • Wireless or wired systems.
  • Communication through text messages or emails using GSM cellular networks.
  • Modular systems, allowing growth and scalability.
  • Control on/off through your cell phone.
  • Backup batteries in case of interruptions of the regular power supply.
  • Smoke detectors, heat detectors, manual activators, lights with siren or bell, etc.
  • Door annunciators (doorbells) with camera and / or audio.
  • Electric locks and magnetic accesses, etc.