Process improvement (Lean and Six Sigma) training

Process improvement (Lean and Six Sigma) training

We provide services to public and private sector organizations. We specialize in continuous process improvement (CPI), with Lean Six Sigma (LSS) as the center of our offers. We integrate the LSS methodology with other CPI activities and the strategic planning process to develop a solid and specific solution that offers sustainable results.

We execute continuous process improvement (CPI) and advanced statistical analysis projects for your organization, training your staff as members of the improvement team and we as the project leader. Most of the time we lead complex projects for the entire company, but we are also pleased to lead typical projects of Black Belt, Green Belt and Kaizen

Involving your employees offers several advantages, including: a. They are the ones who know the operation best. b. Training time is reduced as they were part essential process.

Each project will be substantially documented through the DMAIC or PNCA templates and all supporting documentation will be provided and classified in an easy to understand format.

Some of our services are: