Outsource development services

We develop software and any IT solutions for business management. Automatization of the workflow helps to build the system that will work for you by default. Solve any of your business problems with our team.

For the efficient allocation of time and material resources, as well as for providing the most transparent conditions for cooperation, we performs software development planning and any customer needs, using timely communication and mature processes that are governed by the best industry practices in each technical area.

Software development process, is provided with regard to the development of high technologies, is focused on meeting the specific requirements and wishes of the customer, choosing optimal solutions for quality services, as well as minimization of material and time resources required for the project.

For quality development in compliance with the requirements and wishes of the customer we uses a number of tools and technical components to minimize uncoordinated decisions and actions.

Outsource development services

1. Product design

We are proficient and well equipped to translate your objectives into its material form with the power of best technologies available. We are agile both in nature and practice.

  • Idea generation or design.
  • Product concept.
  • Prototype development.
Graphic design

2. Graphic design

We'll find the solution that best suits your visual communication needs and those of your company while retaining its corporate image.

  • Corporate image.
  • Graphic image.
  • Application front end layer.
Software development

3. Software development

We carry out the developments as an extension of your work team, under our direction or your project manager.

QA & testing

4. QA & testing

You can be sure that your application does what it’s supposed to do, and not otherwise. We offer testing services that guarantee peace of mind so that you may focus on new features and functionalities rather than on the fire-fighting involved..

  • Plataform testing.
  • Manual and automated testing.
  • Black box, white box, performance, stress, functional,volume and other testing techniques.
  • Documented test plan.
Project management

5. Project management

We guarantee the fulfillment of the objectives of your project, achieving the expectations of stakeholders in time, budget, quality, resources, etc.

  • International best practices.
  • Waterfall or agile methodologies.
  • Communication and influence high standards.
Other roles

6. Other roles

We solve your outsourced needs in any other technical role that your project requires.

  • Technical support.
  • Database Administrators.
  • Business Analists.
  • Software architects.
  • Implementers.