Other procedures

We become in an unique center for information, request and receipt of the client's procedures with all the corresponding entities.

Some of our services are:

  • Tramitology advice in different areas.
  • Local and national governments.
  • Government institutions
  • Public and private services.
  • Digital signature.
  • Electronic bill.
  • Taxes, patents, permits, etc.
  • Follow-up and immediate attention if there is a requirement for additional or clarification information from the corresponding authority.
  • Follow-up of verification visits or auditing of officials when this is foreseen in the procedure.
  • Information of the procedure.
    • Who should do it?
    • Where I can make the process?
    • What do you obtain? (A document, a license, an act, etc. ...)
    • Validity.
    • Cost.
    • Where to pay?
    • Response time.
    • Options to carry out the process. (Face-to-face, online).
    • Documents or requirements.
    • Resolution criteria