Risk Management Fundamentals

Risk Management Fundamentals

In this course, you’ll learn the basics of the principles of the risk management process, beginning with an enterprise-wide perspective of risk.

Through the course, you’ll become familiar with best practices for risk identification, as well as common risk identification and analysis tools and techniques. The course also addresses other important financial risks such as capital investment and liquidity so that upon completing this course, you’ll have a solid foundation for assessing the entire spectrum of risks to a business.


  • Risk concepts and key topics.
  • Risk registers.
  • Risk mapping.
  • Global risk management standards.
  • How governance and control affects risk management.
  • Develop risk response plans for significant risks.
  • Risk oversight, monitoring, and assurance.


  • Minimum group of 6 participants.
  • Physical space with blackboard and table.


  • Certificate of completion.
  • Printed course material.
  • Staggered discounts for groups larger than 10, 15 or 20 participants.