Lean Six Sigma fundamentals training.

Lean Six Sigma fundamentals training.

Six Sigma refers to the ability of processes to produce a high proportion of output within specification.

This course provides the fundamental knowledge of Six Sigma.


  • Explain what is Six Sigma.
  • Describe the benefits of Six Sigma.
  • Understand the role of the leadership, sponsor and other roles of the methodology.
  • Explain the critical elements of Six Sigma.
  • List the causes of variability.
  • Explain the key concepts of Six Sigma.
  • Describe the various forms of waste.
  • Overview of tools and templates to be used in Six Sigma.
  • Explain the DMAIC approach.
  • Explain the DMADV approach.
  • Explain the PDCA approach.
  • Explain the implementation of Six Sigma.
  • List the critical success factors.


  • Minimum group of 6 participants.
  • Physical space with blackboard and table.


  • Certificate of completion.
  • Printed course material.
  • Staggered discounts for groups larger than 10, 15 or 20 participants.