Soft skills development training.

Soft skills development training.

When it comes to training in the workplace, soft skills are often overlooked because they’re not as tangible as something like project management or working with software.

Soft skills are the competencies that allow your employees to interact effectively and productively with others, no matter the role or the setting.


  • Develop stronger relationships based on mutual understanding.
  • Probe for deeper understanding of issues causing stress and tension.
  • Identify and rectify your bad habits that may be accidentally causing communication problems in relationships.
  • Gain higher levels of trust and respect in your relationships.
  • Listen with a new found clarity.
  • Understand how different types of questions impact conversations.
  • Use questions to deeply understand the motives and actions of others.

SoftSkills to develop:

  • Teamwork & Collaboration.
  • Critical Thinking.
  • Complex Problem Solving.
  • Communications Skills.
  • Judgment and Decision Making.
  • Influencing people.
  • Time Management.
  • Empathy.
  • People Management.
  • Emotional Intelligence.
  • Presentation Skills.
  • Public Speaking.
  • Negotiation.
  • Effective Meetings.
  • Cognitive Flexibility.
  • Leadership.


  • Minimum group of 6 participants.
  • Physical space with blackboard and table.


  • Certificate of completion.
  • Printed course material.
  • Staggered discounts for groups larger than 10, 15 or 20 participants.