Government processes and in other institutions

Government processes and in other institutions

We become in an unique center for information, request and receipt of the client's procedures with all the corresponding entities.

Some of our services are:

  • Tramitology advice in different areas.
  • Local and national governments.
  • Government institutions
  • Public and private services.
  • Digital signature.
  • Electronic bill.
  • Taxes, patents, permits, etc.
  • Follow-up and immediate attention if there is a requirement for additional or clarification information from the corresponding authority.
  • Follow-up of verification visits or auditing of officials when this is foreseen in the procedure.
  • Information of the procedure.
    • Who should do it?
    • Where I can make the process?
    • What do you obtain? (A document, a license, an act, etc. ...)
    • Validity.
    • Cost.
    • Where to pay?
    • Response time.
    • Options to carry out the process. (Face-to-face, online).
    • Documents or requirements.
    • Resolution criteria

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